Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson. Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography. She enjoys photographing babies, children, families, engagements, & weddings. This blog is intended to be a little peek at "behind the scenes" - with a little about everything: sessions, life, family, resources, etc.

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Baby Girl in May | South Texas baby photographer

I got the chance to photograph Baby Erin when she was about 1 week old. Precious!

little hands & feet | Corpus Christi baby photographer

Erin's mom wanted shots of cute little hands & feet to scrapbook...and ears too...all the adorable little tiny details.

Little Boy Blue | South Texas childrens photographer

Playful brother of Erin. The cat even got in the photo shoot.

The Family B... | South Texas Family Portraits

So fun to be with! It was a totally laid back day. I loved the chaise lounger of theirs and they were totally willing to move it out onto the grass!

This photo is absolutely adorable - though it took awhile to coax him to kiss his sister...and we tried different things until I finally got this shot.
Precious precious baby & daddy
and with mommy

The family B in b&w | Portland, Texas Family Portraits

I just love the angelic expression on baby Erin's face!

This is another one of my faves...it seems to embody motherhood.

I like silhouette shots...

Okay, so we were trying to get some of brother & sister. It was difficult b/c he has so much energy. This was the only shot I got - right before he ran off and left baby sister to fall down into the couch. My heart felt like it stopped b/c it was so sudden...good thing we were on the couch.

The following are some from the very start of the shoot...
Baby was getting a diaper change in the bathroom, and I just had to capture a few. I particularly like the mirror reflections (check out the expressions).

1 month party | Texas Baby Photographer

We were in Austin the start of May for my friend's 1-month baby party. I got these shots of daddy & baby all matching in their navy blue stripes.

Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

for more session info check out our portfolio website