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summer | Corpus Christi Wedding Photography

I've been so busy this past month of June! Every weekend, there's been a wedding/event. And with photo shoots here and there in-between. I feel like I've taken a lot of time away from my family, but my family has been so very supportive & enduring. Thank you family!

Here's a point & shoot snapshot of me & my daughter (my most photographed model) from early June. My family came to meet up with me for dinner after a photo shoot. We decided to eat at Pier 99 and try it out. The outdoor area was fun with live music and lots of coastal wind (not just a sea breeze).

There's a lot of photographs I haven't blogged, and things I'm still in the midst of. I'm in the middle of some new developments, and the month of July is also busy with workshops and seminars. "Summer camps" for everyone!

For those interested in a shoot, I am currently scheduling for sessions for the month of August and after.

Oh and also, I'm trying to troubleshoot the comments section - for some reason comments work on individual post entries if you click to access them, but the comment option doesn't show up on the main page. The comments ARE turned on...


Sleeping newborn | Corpus Christi Baby Photographer

I met AJ and her mom through Vicki at her anniversary party. Here AJ is a little over a week old. AJ practically slept through the whole session - so calm and peaceful. We moved her around and she would barely stir as we transferred her. Vicki would gently embrace her and cradle AJ from spot to spot - what a wonderful "adopted grandmother!"

These are just a sneak peek. I'm just barely beginning to process her photos...

I'm trying to figure out which effect I like better...

Flower Girl | Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer | Chidrens Photographer

"25th anniversary sneak peek"

Last weekend was Vicki & Frank's 25th anniversary party and renewal of vows. It was a great party and family affair. The weekend was also Vicki's parents' 60th anniversary. What a great celebration of many wonderful years of marriage! (I'm finally getting around to submitting this post I started...)

I had a lot of fun photographing this event. There are a ton of great photos, but since I specialize in children's portraiture, I figured I'd start out with come candids of "the flower girl" - Vicki's granddaughter Anya. She's almost two years old and is a ball of energy.

This photo is right before the ceremony when she had on this beautiful ivory dress and actually was holding her flowers:
As you can see here, she ended up ditching the flowers and running out with a cell phone:

She didn't last long in the ivory dress...Her mom changed her into this cute flowery number:

She managed to grab both grandma & mom's bouquets. She was doing a good job of being a "flower girl."

A snapshot of three generations all together:

So during the "bride & groom's 1st dance" while I was trying to take photos, the ever so curious and energetic Anya came up to me:

So many more photos...but for later...or another place...

Sweetest mom & baby | Corpus Christi baby photographer

I didn't get around to posting any pics from Layla's 1st photo session ever (from about 2.5 weeks ago). Here are a select few of the two beautiful gals in their 1st outfits. Layla had 3 outfit changes - and they were all cute - too many to post. Mom & daughter both have some of the sweetest dispositions I've met.

I'm just sad that I won't get to take more photos of these two b/c they've moved to SC, but I'm glad we were able to squeeze this session into both of our schedules.


the Dement kids | Coastal Bend childrens photography

This was a super fun session on Monday. And I LOVED ALL of the images. The kids are beautiful! Here's a sneak peek at some of the images...

We started out in the "studio"... I usually don't like to do sit & pose...

We then went to the fields.... I've been on a "corn/sorghum field kick" lately. Have been taking lots of photos at these fields.
I decided to try a vintage-ish effect...
what do you think? color pop for summer is better?

Then we went to the playground.

This session in it's initial scheduling stages was supposed to just be for Jaden... but I'm so glad his sisters came along b/c they looked so great in their green summer dresses!

Thanks for a great time Alysia!!! I hope you enjoy these! More to come!

Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

for more session info check out our portfolio website