Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson. Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography. She enjoys photographing babies, children, families, engagements, & weddings. This blog is intended to be a little peek at "behind the scenes" - with a little about everything: sessions, life, family, resources, etc.

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more photos coming soon...

I have many, many photos to post...and I will get to posting them...so stay tuned!

Went to Houston this weekend to photograph a wedding.

Travelling with the family was fun, but between the heat & humidity in Houston, travelling with a toddler this weekend, and a whole day of photography, I'm totally exhausted!!! Many thanks to my dh for watching the kiddo the whole day of the wedding and being so supportive & wonderful!

update: added photos


Sunset Flare | Corpus Christi Family Photographer

Here's a sneak peek of a family session from this weekend. After the rain this past week, it cleaned up the atmosphere for crisp air and a clear sky. I'm drawn towards playing around with backlighting - resulting with this sunset view. I just love the flare from the setting sun.

So I still have a ton of photos from different sessions/events to blog...I'm a bit behind... :)

I have a few different blogs (for different aspects of my life), and I probably should consolidate. Since I'm not fractionated or a compartmentalized & separated person - schitzophrenic - why should my blogs be?


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! This year it's raining again where we are. Last year it rained on Independence Day and this year too... must be something in the air...lol.

Simply Elegant | Corpus Christi Wedding Photography

The room was decorated beautifully with gorgeous linens from La De Da Events and there were candles up on the ledge of the floor to ceiling windows.

All of these beautiful flower arrangements and the gorgeous cakes were all created by Simply Elegant in Corpus Christi on Airline (sometimes listed as Sheer Elegance). Since I possess a great LOVE of chocolate, I drooled over their scrumptious chocolate creation, and boy was it delicious!

Raymond & Curtis at Simply Elegant are great! They specialize in wedding cakes. They're excellent at what they do and are top notch! They also made these individually wrapped monogrammed cookies which were centered on each of the chargers.

These ten photos are Raymond & Curtis' fave picks:

Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

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