Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson. Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography. She enjoys photographing babies, children, families, engagements, & weddings. This blog is intended to be a little peek at "behind the scenes" - with a little about everything: sessions, life, family, resources, etc.

BUT historically Grace is a "bad blogger" which means, she doesn't blog often. We apologize for her negligence, but maybe some day she will become a consistent blogger...If you are her friend on facebook, she posts more sneak peeks of sessions on fb than she blogs.

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New developments to come...

There are exciting new developments on their way! So stay tuned...

A new website is in the works; I'm excited about new tools for me to speed up my work; more photos are going to be posted; and hopefully you'll get to find out more about me...

Last week we were out of town, and so I took time off from certain aspects of the business...but not time off from work. New posts and such to come...

newly-formed family | Corpus Christi Family Photographer

M & M got married on 08-08-08...and I had the privilege of photographing their special day (those pics to come).

Here's photos from our "day after session" - of them and their kids... a newly formed family - having lots of fun!

Okay...they were all sitting there...and so this feet shot was sorta neat.

Yes, I know, these are sorta posed, but we had a lotta fun.


Simply Elegant Birthday Party | Corpus Christi Childrens Photographer

Anya had her 2nd Birthday party the 1st weekend in August. Her mom & grandma went ALL OUT. It was a very fancy toddler party - a faerie theme - and very feminine. Simply Elegant did a great job again. Raymond created the birthday cake, the topiary flower arrangements, and the butterfly cookies. Here are the cake & flowers. I'll add more kiddo pics later.

Houston Temple | South Texas Wedding Photography

I've always had a love of architecture. Beautiful architecture - classical or modern - I love it!

Temples are such a sacred place and absolutely gorgeous - the best materials, workmanship & craftsmanship have gone into each one. The Houston LDS Temple is currently one of 4 in Texas.

K&M wedding details | South Texas Wedding Photography

I love cake and lucky for me weddings always come with cake. These cakes were really, really tasty - amaretto, marble & chocolate cake with different fillings - they had it all! The groom's mom & sister made them - very well done.

An appropriate groom's cake for the two in the Air Force ROTC:

More photographs of other details from the wedding day...

Kadi & Mitch | Houston Texas Wedding Photography

Here are more pics of Kadi & Mitch. They met at BYU, they fell in love, and now they're both off at BOOT CAMP as newlyweds, but can't act like newlyweds - bummer. I dunno if they've even had a chance to see their photos (before their guests did)!

You can totally see how happy these two are. Very genuine.


Houston Temple Wedding | South Texas Wedding Photographer

Here's a sneak peek of last weekend's wedding in Houston with Kadi & Mitch at the Houston LDS Temple.


Free to Succeed

The main reason I went to Austin was to attend "Free to Succeed" with David Jay and Jasmine Star. I first posted about Free to Succeed in my personal musings blog.

I was so excited to go! (Even travelling by myself with a toddler! Our 1st roadtrip w/o her daddy!) When I got there and was one of the last ones waiting in line to enter the room, Jasmine came out and I got to meet her & got a picture together (which I need to download & post). I was totally like a "groupie" - I've never been a groupie for ANYTHING! But I was so excited to meet her. She's amazing! Her personality is even brighter in person than online. She's really genuine, friendly and personable!

The evening was inspiring and a cool experience. DJ is totally personable & real. Tall. I still have to download the images off of my P&S and post them. You'll see he's a lot taller than I am. It was really open of him to be willing to show us his images straight out of camera. I have tons of notes from the night. I can't wait to implement their advice.

Couture Books had the most amazing books and samples there!

I was able to meet not only DJ & Jasmine* in person, but I got to meet a bunch of other photographers. Here's a shout out to Heather, Thao, Huyen , Erika, Chasity, Eva and Stacy.

I got these images off of Kenny Kim's blog. He documented the night and was pretty stealth. I didn't know he took these photos of me. Thanks to Heather for letting me know! Here's the link to the actual post. I'm in pink.

I look like a giddy kid meeting Jasmine*.

I'm on the last row, taking notes while DJ spoke.

Travelling, Catching-up & Musings

I've been travelling a lot the end of July. In Houston last weekend, and Austin this past week. Like I mentioned in my last post, it's not easy travelling with a toddler. So many "what ifs" to prepare for - it's like a mini-moving trip each time. My husband was also out of town for a business trip this past week. So it's been a one-woman show at my house!

Between juggling being a full-time single mom (for a week), part-time photographer and full-time business woman, I feel the lack of time in my life! My daughter has needed more attention (since she's almost 18-months and a very active toddler), so I'm her playmate, teacher, and mom when she's awake. Then during her decreasing naptimes, I try to get work done and squeeze in as much as I can. Needless to say, I'm a bit behind on some things (like blogging or finishing processing recent photos in addition to other responsibilities). I tell myself repeatedly I should consolidate my blogs...and I need to figure out the comment section on this blog & why it doesn't let ppl comment on the front page?!?

But it's been a good learning experience. A few weeks ago, I ordered some items - business/marketing/ "continuing-education" books, and they all came in before we left for Austin. Including my NEW camera! Yay! Gosh I love Amazon!

The books include The 4-Hour Workweek, ZAG, Brand Simple, and Dane Sander's Fast Track Photographer (e-book, not from Amazon). I finished ZAG in a few hours - it's concise, direct and is what the reviews said it'd be. I've just started the 4-Hour Work Week and there's a lot I need to apply in terms of eliminating and streamlining my workflow.

I got Fast Track Photographer b/c I have been contemplating if I want to do more weddings. I initially wanted to only specialize in children's lifestyle portraiture. I included families. I wasn't going to do weddings. With the recent chain of events this summer, I've ended up photographing weddings, and I've been having a lot of fun & really enjoying them (though weddings are physically demanding & tiring - where I'm totally drained the few days after). I read a bunch of the book this past week, but still have to finish. The book challenges you to introspect a bit. I'm still introspecting, so the jury is still out. :)
Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

for more session info check out our portfolio website