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Baby Grason | Corpus Christi Baby Photographer

Hannah & I met Grason last month at an evening event. Hannah adores babies, and all night she was saying "baby, baby" wanting to see him. Grason's parents are Derrick & Kendra of Big Box Pro Videography. They are a husband and wife team and do some pretty cool wedding videography. They also have a blog on wordpress.

The session was held at their studio space in Corpus Christi a few days before I left for California. Their viewing room is a beautiful space with wood interior & classy decor. The entryway had a lot of character. It was a relaxed session and Grason lasted rather well (minus the spit up on the couch pillow).

It was good to get to know Grason's parents a little more. Thanks Kendra & Derrick!

Look at the difference in feet!

Here's a remix of selected images from the session.



Beautiful weather and wondeful temperature
I'm having the most amazing time in L.A.! I'm so grateful that my mom was so willing to come along and to help out with my daughter Hannah. Not only am I able to see old friends, I've met a ton of new friends!

Over the weekend I spent time with very close friends from my childhood and teen years: Radu Pieptea & Laura, his mom. Radu & I played in our first quartet together (he on 1st violin and me on 2nd) amongst other violin training. His mom was another mother figure to me and his grandmother babysat my little brother. He now plays with the LA Philharmonic, plays with the Opera, and has played on many Hollywood soundtracks. We had a picnic before the Hollywood bowl concert and then enjoyed an evening of music and the astounding artistry of the Peking Acrobats.

I ate at Pinkberry for the 1st time - it was delish! Hannah loved it too.

We went to Saint Sophia Cathedral for Greek church services and then the L.A. Greek Festival right on the grounds of the church. Hannah loved the dancing and singing at the festival.

LA is an interesting place. In our hotel, they've been doing casting calls for something...and on our floor, there's people all over the place...and I know I ran into a celebrity-type on the elevator (I obviously did not know who it was) and the guy with her was still trying to cover her face. I thought it was sorta funny b/c I hadn't the faintest idea who she was.

Total Truth Tour
I attended the Photography Mentor Total Truth Tour on Monday. It was an amazing time with 4 really awesome speakers and teachers: Robert Evans, Sara France, Carlos Baez, and Dane Sanders. I have like 10 pages of notes. Robert shared tips and showed us images from his recent celebrity weddings. Sara talked about workflow. Carlos actually showed us how he shoots with lighting techniques, including using a room service food lid as a makeshift beauty dish. Dane spoke on real principles and the importance of being yourself. It was all very inspiring. Here's a shout out to Landry and A.C. whom I sat with at the conference.

Me Ra Koh
The evening was even more amazing with Me Ra Koh. We had a women's seminar, and she touched us all - especially me on so many levels. I thought it was funny when her husband Brian brought tissue boxes and distributed them amongst us. I thought, "no way am I going to need those," but in the end, I had tears streaming down my cheeks, and I needed tissues to stop the flowing of fluids. What she said resounded so truthfully in my heart. It was a validation and confirmation of what I needed to hear that I didn't even know that I needed. WOW! The experience earned a place in my permanent memory banks.

Thanks to Garrett of ShootDotEdit for taking this photo on day 2 of PartnerCon

Pictage Partner Con
Partner Con has absolutely been a BLAST! I've loved meeting so many people and listening to so many different speakers. It gives great perspective! The food has exceeded my expectations - LAX Sheraton's done a good job, and I've really enjoyed my time so far. The Vendors have been great! Blu Domain was a vendor and they actually fixed some glitches on my site (that I'm still working on) right away, right there! The speakers have been inspiring. I've made many new friends including my awesome roommate Jennifer Pearce. We hung out with Kip Pierson and had a good time.

We all squished in the photobooth for photos.
(Yes these are photos of photos...not scanned in yet...)

Here's Jennifer Pearce of Poise Photography, Kip Pierson - actor AND photographer,
another friend, and one of the Pictage staff sticking her head in to join in the fun.

Of course there's MeRa , Brian (her hubby), Ron Dawson of Cinematic Studios and the rest of us...
I think there's 7 ppl in the photo booth...

I'm missing photos with Kenny Kim, and also Erin & Shane Melenbacker (Kenny has those photos).

I've met so many people and re-met some too. I'll have to write more later.
I will post photos (I only had my point & shoot camera on this trip)...This post has been sitting in my drafts for too long. I've neglected my blog for many weeks...(between travelling, hurricane Ike, delays, inconveniences, extra work, sessions, more travelling, family & Hannah) I have many posts to catch up on!

Here's me & Dane Sanders (author of Fast Track Photographer) and an amazing speaker. I didn't even think to take my book so he could sign it - it's not stuff I think about. Thanks to Kenny for snapping the photo on my P & S.

I need to download more photos from my P&S...


2-yr old toddler | Corpus Christi Kids Photographer

I'll be out of the office for a week. Returning on Sept 13th. I'm headed to California.

But here's a little glimpse of lil boy M playing...

Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

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