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October 28th, my 30-something b-day

So yesterday October 28th was my 30-something-ish birthday. I'm not going to disclose my exact age hahaha...that's my little secret. Though now you know I'm at LEAST 30, even though I may look a different age.

My birthday celebration apparently started Monday afternoon...when two of my friends came over, surprised me, and took me out. They brought gifts and treated me to Marble Slab - I had a mix of caramel & amaretto with almonds in a waffle cone - YUM! Then in the evening, my husband took me out to Chili's (one of the only restaurants in our little town) where I had a sirloin and their Molten Chocolate Cake. DECADENT! Afterwards I did do more work...b/c I'm just like that.

Yesterday - on my actual birthday, I didn't do any work at all. I spent the day hanging out with my daughter Hannah & doing whatever we wanted. We did end up going to the grocery store in the afternoon, but then the evening was relaxed. Just exactly how I wanted it (especially after a long tiring weekend in San Antonio.) We had chocolate cake & ice cream. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from my family & friends during the day and on facebook. Facebook can make a girl feel really loved.

Through all of this I wish I had taken pictures...but alas I didn't...so there are no photos to post.


Jessica & Mike - Married. | Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer

For those of you who have been waiting to see...here are more photos from Jessica & Mike's Wedding. The wedding ceremony was held at the Holy Family Catholic Church. It was a beautiful day for a wedding - there was another wedding right before theirs and a festival across the street. But by far, Jessica's style, planning, & choice in colors and coordination beat the other events going on that day.

Artistic Flowers did a beautiful job on all of the arrangements, bouquets, and flowers.

While waiting for the bride, we got this of the groom and the boys.

The kids are totally adorable!

A moment right before the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful with much symbolism.

We did formal shots inside the church and outside. The bridal party had some fun with this one...

Jessica and Mike were very themselves. I did not ask them to put on a show at all. The sunglasses are all courtesy of Mike - it's totally him.

The reception was on the Naval Base in Corpus. They transformed the room and filled it with festivities and a ton of their personality & their family. There was beautiful decor, great food, beautiful cakes from Simply Elegant, and lots of fun - a Mariachi band, a DJ, dancing, more live music, and great guests! Who could ask for more?

So I have to make a comment about the fish. Can I say I LOVE the fish centerpieces b/c I had them at my wedding? Goldfish - perfect matching colors for her wedding. When we 1st met, I told Jessica about having goldfish at my wedding when we were brainstorming ideas. I was just thrilled to see that my idea rubbed off on her! :)


Corpus Christi Wedding | Coastal Bend Wedding Photographer

I've been busy busy processing multiple weddings and photo shoots this past week -...and finally I'm blogging...though there's still so much to do!

Last Saturday was the wedding of Jessica & Mike. It was a huge family affair and they all knew how to party - we had a lot of fun! I know you guys are dying to see your photos - they're not done, but here's one little sneak peek...

I loved the engagment shot that was similar to this, so I had to recreate it on the wedding day. It's my personal favorite shot of the bride & groom from last weekend.


Reflections of Christ

I said I'd be posting more personal stuff on this blog...

A few weeks ago, I found out about this photographic exhibit on Christ - embedded here from YouTube. It's part of a traveling fine art photography exhibit called Reflections of Christ. It's very moving and very beautiful to me. It touches me at my heart and strengthens my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. They are all masterfully composed photographs! I think they're as beautiful as master paintings from way back...

You can go to the official site and see a better resolution version.

They have making of videos to watch too. I found a log-on & pw on the internet if you don't want to sign-up to view the videos. sign-on: refchrist@bugmenot.com, pw: bugmenot1

The photographer is Mark Mabry and he had a team of different artists working with him.


South Padre Island Wedding | South Texas Wedding Photography

We traveled down to South Padre Island this past weekend to shoot a wedding. We'd never driven that South before - we were practically in Mexico - and we were excited to be there for their wedding!

It was a beautiful wedding on the beach. They are some of the nicest people we've met and just perfect for each other!

...here's a single sneak peek...

Jessica & Mike E-session | Corpus Christi Engagement Photographer

These two lovebirds are FINALLY getting married tomorrow!!! Congratulations!
It's a really exciting time in their family's life because they're one of the first to have a big wedding celebration and ceremony.

These are from their engagement session. We explored the areas around Shoreline Blvd and downtown Corpus. Jessica looked great and she has gorgeous skin. Mike was having some eye issues that morning...poor guy - he usually wore sunglasses and wasn't used to the brightness. But in the end everything turned out! They came with Jessica's sister Christina who was there for moral support and was super great! She was jack [or jill] of all trades: the make-up artist, photography assistant, and all-around-awesome!

These are Jessica's picks - some of her favorites. I thought I'd put them up on the blog today in honor of their big day tomorrow.

So I have to add...we wandered over to the American Bank Center here. They were having this big piano sale in one of the convention halls, so I just HAD to ask them if we could take photos there! This is the sepia version. I also have a B&W version that I actually spent a TON of time on...to make it just right...we'll save that for later.

I just LOOOOVE this one! I think it's super SEXY.

And so here's the BW version...I LOVE the lines.

Seriously there were a ton of GREAT pics to choose from...these are just a handful...I think I'll eventually put practically their whole session on the liu-anderson.com offical portfolio website when it goes LIVE...which I hope will be sooner than later. :)
Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

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