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BUT historically Grace is a "bad blogger" which means, she doesn't blog often. We apologize for her negligence, but maybe some day she will become a consistent blogger...If you are her friend on facebook, she posts more sneak peeks of sessions on fb than she blogs.

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bootcamp anyone?

So I started a 10-week bootcamp this week.

Mind you, I have not really worked out since pre-babies (and my oldest is now 3). I'll just say that I'm really sore.

And where did my ab muscles go? The physical fitness baseline test for sit-ups...my results are too embarrasing to even post! After a c-section with baby #2, and even though it was 6 months ago, I'm seriously needing some abdominal help?!?

And here are the 2 reasons why I don't have any more ab muscles:

.::add a touch of Grace to your memories::.


Happy New Year 2010 & Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger & Happy upcoming Valentine's Day!

Happy Belated New Year to 2010!
It's now February and almost Chinese New Year!
So Happy Chinese New Year, and welcome to the year of the TIGER.
It's almost Valentine's day too, so hope everyone has a great Valentine's day.

This is my FIRST post for 2010! After a very neglected 2009 year of blogging (both family blog & photo blog) I decided it's time to START again! I just need to START! Even once a month is better than never!

For those that may not know why: The reason for a neglected 2009 year of blogging is because I was pregnant with our second child. Pregnancy for me is a MAJOR EVENT. My hormones are all outta whack, I'm constantly nauseous and battle with "not losing my meal" on a daily basis. Needless to say, I wrapped up existing clients and didn't take on any new work until the end of 2009. I had an extended maternity leave.

Well, it's February 2010 - our toddler turns THREE YEARS OLD and our baby boy turns SIX MONTHS! All in the next 10 days. Kiddos grow up so fast! Having photos and memories of our children at these developmental milestones is so important because they're constantly growing and changing!

So as a tribute to our little ones and to post to let everyone know I'm here. I'm still busy working (with photos, family & kids). I'm just not blogging. It has fallen off of the prioity list. Hopefully if I make a goal of 1-2 times a month (or even maybe once a week?) I can actually accomplish it! Please feel free to leave comments... and let me know...or not...since I don't know if anyone is still reading this blog after not having anything interesting to see or read for over a year.

...or maybe if I build it [write it] they [the readers] will come (back)...
I do have a lot of photo work that I could blog. I'm not lacking for material, I'm lacking for time. I'm not apologizing for not blogging (though sometimes i do feel a wee bit guilty), I'm explaining.

See I had these grand plans to revamp the blog, to reformat, to get a new address, get a different host etc etc. BUT really I don't have time or the brain-space to complete any of that. So I've decided to continue blogging on the old address, old blog, and old format, until I get around to changing/converting/streamlining things. Instead of NOT blogging b/c of whatever other excuse I can come up with! :)

A post is always better with a photo. So here's a snapshot of me & my kiddos - the joys of my life! This is after we came home from church this past Sunday - so H is still in her dress & baby is in a monkey sleeper becuase it's comfy for him, and we're just sitting around. We had been making faces in a mirror for fun.

.::add a touch of Grace to your memories::.
Welcome to the photo blog of Grace Liu-Anderson.

Grace focuses on using available light in creative lifestyle photography of babies, children, families, engagements & weddings.

for more session info check out our portfolio website